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How Charles Dickens is Influencing Modern Self-Publishing Part 3 (Or Series versus Serials, Part 3)

There is a subtle difference between a series and serial that makes all the difference in how you approach them and their success with readers.

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How Charles Dickens is Influencing Modern Self-Publishing Part 2 (Or Series versus Serials, Part 2)

A book in a series has a complete arc of its own, but it also has a series arc, which is what tells the complete story from page one of the book to the final page of the last book. But a serial must be taken as a whole in several ways.

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7 Tips for Making Time to Write (IWSG September)

Is there not enough time in the day to write? Or do you simply not know how to make time?

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How Charles Dickens Influenced Modern Self-Publishing Part 1 (Or Series versus Serials, Part 1)

Charles Dickens is perhaps one of the most influential authors in the world. He was a prolific writer in his day, publishing something like 15 novels, a handful of novellas, numerous short stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

With the advent of self publishing, there has been the return of different methods of releases, namely serials.

And we have Charles Dickens partly to thank for that…

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Why A Writer Needs A Hobby

We’re writers. Let’s just get that out of the way now. And writers have their share of problems, amIright? I mean, instead of relaxing, our

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Ratchet Up Your Novel’s Tension

Did you know there is one super easy way to ratchet up the tension in your novel? It doesn’t take much work on your part, but it creates an immense amount of pressure for your characters. And we all know that pressure=tension=page turner.

So what is this one little trick? It’s nothing fancy, I assure you. But it’s something that many authors use and many forget about.

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When a Beta Reader Doesn’t “Get” Your Novel

I want to talk about beta readers today (again). It’s something I’ve been putting my WIP through, and it’s been eye-opening in many ways. Having someone else read over your writing will reveal your insecurities and writing faux pas to you in a surprising way–especially when they are listed, one after the other, in a critical way.
Just recently I had both the good luck and the terrifying luck of having a(nother) beta reader read my pre-published novel. So far, from 7 different readers, the reactions have been (generally) positive.

It’s encouraging to be at this point, where the plot points are relatively solid…or so I thought.

I have to admit that there are some experiences in Spurn the Moon that are outside my particular experiences. Enter the 7th reader.

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Bernadette & the Stranger

Are you looking for a new short story to read? On a budget? Well, for the next two days (three counting today), my newest

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Book Review: Gabriel and the Swallows

Book Review: Gabriel and the Swallows by Esther Dalseno “For the first time in my life, I felt like a normal person with one

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Writer Interrupted: Writing Amongst Distractions (IWSG July)

6 characteristics writers must have.

Writing requires sacrifices. But chances are, if you’re meant to write, whatever you gave up, you’ll forget what it was in the first place.

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