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NaNoPrep 20: The Importance of Your Setting

choosing your setting In some books it seems as though the setting is just something the author abstractly chose and it doesn’t really have

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NaNoPrep 19: How Verb Tenses Influence Your Novel

  how verb tenses influence your novel There are two main tenses for your novel: past and present. Within those tenses are the continuing

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NaNoPrep 18: Who Has the Best Point of View?

Who Has the Best Point of View? One of the many choices you’ll have to make regarding your novel is whose point of view

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NaNoPrep 17: Perfecting Your Plot

  Perfection! We might have finished our plotting series yesterday, but today is the day to perfect it. In fact, you could call it

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NaNoPrep 16: It All Comes Down to This Paradox

the end The reader has waited for a long time for this moment, and since it happens around the 90% mark of the story,

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NaNoPrep 15: The Tragedy of Act 3

  act 3 Your poor character’s life. As soon as she gets used to one thing, sometimes even before she can get used to it, she’s

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NaNoPrep 14: One Thing After Another

the second half of the second act By this time, your character should be reeling from her false climax (the midpoint). It should have

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NaNoPrep 13: In the Midst of it All

the midpoint Okay, I’ve been feeling slightly guilty about the length of these recent posts, so this one is a lot shorter. But don’t

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NaNoPrep #12: Avoiding a Boring Act 2

the first half of the second act So you’ve written one act of the story. You’ve introduced that inciting event–the event that changes your

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Book Review: The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse: A Memoir

Book Review: The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse: A Memoir by Victoria Shade Publication Date: Oct 11, 2016 In Victoria Shade’s memoir, The

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